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With millions of people out of work it can be difficult for the best applicants to set themselves apart. At the same time, it is exceedingly difficult for employers to filter through the hundreds of resumes they receive each time they post a job. The Right has found the way.

If you are looking for a new job, you have been submitting your resume and calling and calling and waiting. Undoubtedly you and hundreds of other applicants are doing the same thing. You need a way to prove that you are ambitious, innovative, and willing to go that extra mile. You need something to set you apart. To make sure those are more than just words on your resume, sign up now for your personalized TRH Report™ . We can provide you with a complete and comprehensive employment check that you can submit with your resume. This is the same information that businesses will gather - if they select your resume from the stack. However, this report will show that you are serious about being hired and that you want to skip to the front of the line. Our TRH Report™ can include a background check, reference check, work history check and SNS™(Social Network Scan) reports just as the prospective employer would request. You can also upload a photo or short video, giving you the chance to introduce yourself before all of the other applicants. All of this information will be provided to you in a color report with your online profile information so that businesses can verify that you went that extra mile.

The Right Hire Report

TRH Report™

For employers our TRH Report™ contains everything you would run yourself if you had the time.  It contains a complete employment background check, reference check, work history verification and social Network scan.  If you receive a resume with this report, the work is already done for you.  If you would like to begin receiving these reports on all of your job applications, or you are interested in a more comprehensive hiring partnership we are developing packages to fit every small business needs.

For employees the TRH Report™ sets you apart from every other applicant you are competing with for that job opportunity.  Attaching your TRH Report™ to your resume gives you the edge you need to make sure you get that call back.  Attaching your TRH Report™ shows that you have initiative and is exactly what you need to make your resume stand out from hundreds in the stack.


Privacy First

Although you will need to provide us with some initial information to get your TRH Report™, we do not keep any identifying information past the review and reporting process. In fact you will receive an email when we delete your information from our database. You can be confident that, along with our bank-level security, we will not retain or sell your information to anyone.

Social Network Scan

Social Network Scan™

For employers our SNS™ is a full listing of available social network profiles job applicants could be associated with. This will allow you to fully review your candidates to make sure they are the right fit for your business. This compilation of information is done using an automated process as well as manual searches on all of the various social media networks. Knowing this information BEFORE you hire can save you valuable time and money.

For employees our SNS™ is a very important tool to review before applying for jobs. It is important to see how the pubic sees you on the internet. You can bet that employers are looking to make sure that they are hiring the right person. Make sure that they see the best you.

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Whether you are an employee struggling to land the right job or a business looking for the right hire, you are just one step away from simplifying that process. At The Right we know how daunting the hiring process can be for both parties involved. We believe we have developed a tool that will reinvent the hiring process. Contact us today to find out we can help.

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